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Joanne offers a wide variety of services to businesses, government agencies and non–profit organizations. Her facilitation of workplace communication and interactive approach encourages creative problem-solving and promotes leadership.


Upcoming Classes for 2018:

Compassionate Communication Class – Basic

   6-Week Class (2 hrs/week)


   Wednesdays, February 28 – April 4,  4–6 PM – $135


Compassionate Communication Class – Advanced

   4-Week Class (2 hrs/week)


Executive Coaching

Joanne works one-on-one with managers, coaching them through high conflict situations and helping them to improve their communication skills.



Joanne works with individuals and small groups to reach agreement on emotional, challenging situations – often improving the relationships in the process.



Joanne facilitates challenging group meetings, tracking and clarifying issues as the group moves toward consensus.



Joanne offers on-site workshops customized to your organizational situation. Focus areas vary according to need:


Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Skills


Listening Skills

Communicating Clearly and With Compassion


Keynote Speaking

Joanne speaks before large and small groups giving customized speeches

ranging from 30–90 minutes in length.


Call (541) 499-5840 to schedule Joanne for your workplace needs,

     or click here to email.

       Facilitating effective

       communication in the workplace contributes to the efficiency and productivity of any business. Organizations that promote these skills may enjoy a significant competitive advantage and achieve greater success as they:


Convey their vision

   with clarity.


Unite employees around

   a common goal.


Save time and energy.


Enhance customer






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