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            Joanne Lescher has impacted the lives   lives of countless families, couples, and individuals through her seminars, workshops, and counseling. The skills taught through the nonviolent communication model encourage anger management, create common ground, and promote effective listening skills. As a skilled presenter, trainer, mediator, and group facilitator, Joanne effectively models the skills needed to deal with conflict and to communicate compassionately. Joanne is renowned for her warmth, empathy, humor, and ability to empower those who work with her. Her reputation has been affectionately summarized as “having an ability to tame lions.”

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            As a business communications

        expert, a mediator in private practice, an educator, and an executive coach, Joanne specializes in working with organizations and individuals where key relationships are in conflict. Alive and engaging, she offers workplace facilitation that includes trainings, skill-building classes, workshops, crisis mediation and coaching. Her sessions incorporate illustrative stories, practical skills, and effective tools that can immediately be put into practice. Joanne’s training motivates and empowers both supervisors and employees to express themselves professionally, eloquently and heart–fully.


Joanne is certified by Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

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"Joanne’s NVC teachings have not only helped me to be a better listener to my co-workers and friends, but also a more compassionate mother and wife! I treasure

the understanding and awareness it has

brought to my life."

            – Jenny

Joanne offers a wide variety of facilitation and communication services to businesses, government agencies and non–profit organizations. Find out more.




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