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Are you struggling with your teen?

Is there lack of teamwork in your family?

Do family members feel powerless?

Do you long for solid and sustainable relationships?


        These are all situations that Joanne works with. She helps parents and teens,

        unsure in their communication and/or frustrated with not being heard, turn conversations into connections rather than disputes. It’s a joy to watch teens “light up” when they feel heard and know that they matter. It’s also satisfying to see parents give a “sigh of relief” when having honest conversations with their children and finding workable solutions to seemingly insurmountable conflicts.





        Joanne has dedicated her life to

        mediation – practicing and teaching the skills for facing and resolving conflict while communicating compassionately. Joanne’s expertise in communicating effectively grew out of her experience as a counselor and coordinator in group homes for adjudicated adolescents and later as a couples’ group facilitator. As a teacher specializing in working with teens at risk, and a group leader with Crisis Intervention Services, she taught classes on building self esteem, problem solving, behavior management and child development to parents. For several years she was employed by Mediation Works to facilitate meetings between victims and their juvenile offenders.


With practiced skills, the teen years can be a joy rather than a big “worry.” Your family can stay joyfully connected, establishing solid, sustainable relationships, and incredible memories for a lifetime!


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Joanne successfully creates a safe environment for individuals to communicate the “tough stuff." They learn how to listen without being distracted and without privately

preparing a rebuttal. To be deeply understood is magical! When teens are deeply understood they tend to abide by the ground rules with more ownership of the process. In addition, parents learn to trust and value input from them. Even chores can become less of an issue as families develop a style of teamwork and collaboration.


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