Changing the World One

Relationship at a Time...


Do you feel heard and understood?

Do you long for more connection and intimacy?

Are your needs being met?

Is your relationship in crisis?


        There is no change until we are aware of the need to change! Joanne helps

        couples discover how to express themselves in open, honest, and non-confrontational ways. Her essential communication tools help couples cooperate and feel more compassionate toward each other.


Joanne loves working with couples. It is a joy to watch as individuals learn to listen deeply and empathetically to their partner.


Guiding couples to take responsibility for their feelings and needs without blaming and criticizing, brings great satisfaction as well. Joanne helps couples create a safe place to honestly express truth and to clarify what they want and need in their relationship. Speaking from the heart rather than the head enables couples to transform stumbling blocks into opportunities for connection. This knowledge turns judgments into understanding and provides the ability to express needs in a non–threatening way. This type of communication requires practice, courage, and commitment, but the deep emotional connection it creates will enrich lives for a lifetime!


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“It’s hard to quantify the growth and positive change that has occurred in the months that Kathleen and I have pursued couple’s NVC work with Joanne... genuine change has occurred at a level I am certain I would not have reached without Joanne’s caring, informative, deeply insightful and patient support.”


                                  – Mark


Communicate. Don’t Manipulate.

Because we often use communication to manipulate, we build barriers such as fear, blame, and criticism. Compassionate communication emphasizes the intent and practice of compassion – for yourself and your partner.


Communicate Responsibly.

Joanne teaches couples how to take responsibility for creating the kind of communication they desire. Her assistance is essential in establishing an honest assessment of current communication patterns.


Intend to Act Compassionately

The first task for couples is learning to think, feel, and act compassionately towards themselves and then, toward their partner. With Joanne’s assistance, couples have learned to communicate honestly and become curious and empathic toward their partner’s feelings, needs, and requests.


Improve with Practice

Effective communication takes practice.  Joanne’s experience can offer honest, compassionate feedback and help couples learn and perfect their skills in compassionate communication.


Joanne's Essential Tools

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